How can you become a member of NJHS and NHS?

The answer has many parts. We are looking for the BEST and the BRIGHTEST students here at CHS. This doesn't mean just grades....this is only a part of what NHS stands for. We are looking for the student who stands apart from his or her peers. A student who is well-rounded in their activities both in and out of school. Someone who is respected by their teachers, coaches and community.
If this is you then here is what happens next:

First- you will receive a letter at the beginning of the school year inviting you to apply for the National Honor Society (NHS) or National Junior Honor Society (NJHS). Your invitation is based primarily on grades/ GPA.

Next- there will be a meeting for all candidates. At this meeting, you will be given the formal application and instructions.

NJHS application (grades 8 & 9) NHS application (grades 10 - 12)

The rest is up to you! You need to really show off all your accomplishments with your application- remember this is the time to brag about everything you have done!

Then- when we get your application, a teacher rating form is given to the faculty. At this point they have the opportunity to rate each applicant on a scale of 0-10. This is the teacher's time to talk about your character and leadership both in and out of the classroom. Remember- NHS members are the best of the best both in and out of the classroom! Your conduct counts!
When a NJHS student reaches 10th grade, they must apply for NHS. Membership in NJHS does not guarantee automatic membership into NHS!

Next- the advisers tally up and average your scores. A panel of 5 high school and a panel of 5 middle school teachers are assembled. The high school panel goes through the NHS applications and the middle school panel goes through the NJHS applications; at this time the advisers are present but do not offer opinions (nor do they vote). The advisers are there to mediate, read essays and offer information from the application. The panel then votes to either accept or decline the candidate. Administration is also present but again they do not offer any opinions other than any discipline issues.

Last-** you will be notified through the mail if you were or were not accepted into NJHS or NHS. If you did not qualify, the advisers and administration will meet with you to explain why and to offer advice for applying next year.